Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing & Management

There are a lot of social media platforms that need to managed and marketed right to maximize profits. Instagram and Facebook are just the beginning. We must:

  • Strategize: What type of content do we want to project?
  • Research: Finding the right audience. What platform to use?
  • Engage: Gauge the reaction, a healthy feedback loop to better our reach.
  • Analytics: Right tools help you grow and get better reception from the user.
Social Media Marketing & Management
Search Engine Optimization
Web & App Development
Design and Animation
Brand Management
Hosting Services

Search Engine Optimization

All of us have used Google search. The results that load every time you use the internet, are what the algorithm thinks would be most relevant to the user. This is how the “aisle” system in the supermarket works- the most relevant and usable products are placed strategically in the front. Similarly, in order to be the product that the customer picks up, when browsing through the internet, keyword and language optimization come handy. This prioritization is the SEO 101. Seems simple right?

  • SEO uses keyword and language optimization to your advantage.
  • Increase the audience.
  • Extending traffic and range.
  • Building a brand name.
Software Developement

Web & App Development

The world is exceedingly dependent on computers and smartphones owing to the interconnectedness of digitized platforms. We spend approximately 4.5 hours a day just scrolling through our phones. Web and App Development uses this time to its advantage, creating content best suited for attracting people.

Advantages of websites and applications:

  • It is flexible and easily accessible.
  • Easy to work and maintain.
  • Reaches a large number of people.

Design and Animation

Designing digital content, like graphics, posters, brochures or magazines:

  • Reflect creativity.
  • Express brand message.
  • Capture new customers.
  • Engage audiences at social media platforms
Business Developement

Brand Management

This is the most prioritized aspect of marketing. It involves building the face of the organization that is presented to the market. In accordance with the principles of marketing, the impression of the brand among the public or the ‘brand equity’ is the primary asset to be kept in mind. A broad overview of brand management is presented as:

  • Setting up of various assets like face value, brand name, services etc.
  • Managing brand reputation in the public.
  • Meeting the expectations of the customers.
Online Selling


Today, it is the most encouraged, innovative and prolific field of developing business in the world. It is the platform where digital marketing exists and thrives on. E-commerce is relevant to the present and the future. It won’t be wrong to call it an ocean of opportunities for the future market and subsequently for the organizations that decide to sail in it:

  • It is the newest platform. It is digital, efficient, quick and extremely popular with the customers.
  • It is widely loved by companies due to the ease of doing business.
  • It has achieved both customer satisfaction and retailer’s trust in terms of service quality and monetary benefits.
Hosting Provides

Hosting Services

Ever wondered how a website stays on the internet? It’s hosted there. Web hosting allows organizations and individuals to post a web page onto the internet. We will provide a ‘server’ that will host/store the web page; all people have to do is type in your web address. As hosts, we will provide the technologies and services needed for the website or web page to be viewed in the Internet.
The world can’t be ours- but the world wide web can.

Dtroffle focuses on helping companies and products establish a brand. We ensure a personalized experience and use new age tools, for your new age customers. We assist you by dealing with the staggering extent of data and change into compelling advanced business.


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