How To Work On Your Organization’s Social Branding?

All marketing gurus talk about the importance of having a strong brand image, which works wonders when it comes to the sales funnel. The logo, the vision, an appropriate theme for the website, blog topics, etc. – all encompass a company’s brand image. However, the increasing importance of sustainability and long-lasting branding is taking the corporate world by storm. Novel and inspiring initiatives under a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (read the blog here) are making a positive impact on many of society’s faces and are engaging real-time with their customers using various social media platforms. As we read about charities and CSR, we begin to inch closer to a term know as social branding.
Whether you’re a big company or an upcoming one, working on your social branding is an important part of scaling up and increasing customer engagement (and loyalty!) Don’t believe us? Here are a few incredible statistics that will convince you twice over to work on your organization’s social branding! In a report by Adweek, 91% of retail brands used at least two social media channels. These channels varied between Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Another giant, Mashable, reported that 81% of all small businesses were using some form of social branding. These strategies brought in not only HUGE ROI but also a tremendous amount of promise through leads and potential clients.
Point is, you need to up your social media presence. Here are 6 surefire ways to work on your organization’s social branding, an ace at it!

1. Choosing the right channel

Signing up on every social media platform might sound like the grandest recipe for success, but all it does is make a mess in your kitchen. Metaphorically, of course. There are hundreds of small and big social media apps out there, with engagement varying from thousands to millions and billions. Not just these numbers, but focusing on the right demographics while signing up is highly useful too. You can’t market adult hearing aids on an app overrun by Gen Z and Millenials and expect positive results! Put simply, a brand that targets, say, an audience between the ages of 18-35 would be much better off on Instagram than on Facebook. Give some time to analyze, compare and contrast the different demographic data available on various social media platforms. Ask yourself the following question – “Will this platform help me reach the audience I want to reach?”

2. Using the channel rightly

Ah. Wordplay. Now that you’ve decided on the social media channel you will use4 for your brand, knowing HOW to use the channel is what defines your gradual success or imminent failure. Having a huge stockpile of posts, videos, polls, and more is always helpful while working with social media platforms. But dumping all your content on all your platform is a big no-no. For the first few weeks, keep a close eye on the engagement (in the form of likes, visits, profile visits, comments, shares, etc.) each content type receives on each platform. Once you’re armed with these figures, try refining your content strategy in a way that works on platform-specific engagement for each platform. This process may be back-breaking work at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s all smooth sailing.
Buffer gives a list of the best content for each of the social media platforms:
  • Facebook: Videos
  • Instagram: High-res photos, quotes, stories, and reels
  • Twitter: News, blog posts, and GIFs
  • LinkedIn: Jobs, company news, and professional content
  • Pinterest: Infographics and step-by-step photo guides

3. Finding the company’s voice, and sticking by it

An important part of social branding is identifying the company’s motives, values, vision, and how your brand comes across to your target audience. For example, your brand may communicate through humor and quips, due to a younger target audience. For an older target audience, a more rational, calm tone of voice is given a better reception. A few things to keep in mind while working on your company voice online are:
  • Target audience
  • Company culture (an open, engaging company culture is always received better)
  • UVP – Unique Value Proposition

4. Choosing the right topics

Having a haphazard posting schedule can do more harm than good to your brand’s social image. Create a schedule, and stick to it. Now that you’ve got this right, start working on the topics you’ll cover on your brand’s social page. If you’re a clothing company, you can cover the latest trends, lookbooks, interviews with eminent personalities, style hacks, and more! Remember, relevancy is the key when it comes to content on your social media page. You’ll create a glowing brand image in your audience’s eyes if you stay relevant, and to the point. Spreading knowledge never hurts!

5. Using cross-promotion

You’ve started using various social media platforms, worked on your content topics, done your best to stay relevant, AND have given your best to analyze audience trends. Now what? To keep increasing your audience outreach, cross-promote your brand pages across different platforms. Try leading your audience to your Facebook page through sneak peeks in your Instagram Reels! Keeping your content fresh and non-repetitive across different platforms helps cross-promotion massively.

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Dtroffle focuses on helping companies and products establish a brand. We ensure a personalized experience and use new age tools, for your new age customers. We assist association with dealing with this staggering extent of data and change into compelling advanced business.

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Dtroffle focuses on helping companies and products establish a brand. We ensure a personalized experience and use new age tools, for your new age customers. We assist you by dealing with the staggering extent of data and change into compelling advanced business.


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