How do you make your Linkedin profile more visible?

Linkedin is used by 1 out of every 3 professionals, according to studies in the United States of America and other countries around the world. No surprise there, owing to the sensational amount of professional outreach one can benefit from on Linkedin, Linky for short. Linkedin is used by youngsters just out of college looking for a job, as well as the CEOs of multi-million dollar companies. While looking for a job, one has to make sure their profile is the shiniest out of all the other applicants. So, the million-dollar question – “How do I make sure that my profile stands out on Linkedin and is noticed by potential recruiters and other professionals?” Here are four effective ways you can make sure YOU get noticed on Linky, so read on!

Make sure your profile is complete.

This is the one step many embarrassingly miss out on. A few may not bother to create a strong profile primarily because they’re too lazy, or simply not too career-focused. There are various fields on one’s profile such as educational details, work experience, skills, and talents, etc. Filling in all these fields creates a strong profile and a more noticeable one, which always works in one’s favor. Write an honest and impactful introduction, as when a recruiter browses through your profile, the first thing they will notice is whether you have a crisp intro or not. No recruiter has the time to scroll through your profile without a summary on top! While you may write an awesome intro, never forget to spell-check it using correction apps like Grammarly. This step will save you from embarrassing blunders, courtesy of spelling and grammatical errors!

Work on building your network.

Before you go about sending connection requests to every profile on your “Recommended” page, take a step back. While it is important to build as many connections as possible, the relevancy of those connections is a factor that may make or break the visibility of your profile. Search for professionals who work in your field or adjacent streams, and then connect. Check out groups and individuals who happen to work in fields you’re interested in, or have worked in yourself. If you wish to be noticed as a professional who is looking for a career in Human Resources, ensure that a majority of connections hail from the same or related fields. Doing this makes your profile more visible to other professionals in the field, inviting exciting opportunities for your career!

Answer and ask questions.

Once you’ve updated your profile, polished up your skills, and built a strong network, you can start asking and answering questions through posts, articles, comments, mentions, etc. Answering a colleague’s question not only makes you more noticed by them but also puts you in the spotlight of HIS/HER connections. An added benefit of this process is that it increases the specificity and relevancy of your profile. The next time someone has a question, you’ll be the first they’ll contact!

Constantly engage with your connections.

Now, Linkedin knows you’re too busy and self-absorbed to remember and type out a birthday message or endorse a skill for one of your connections. Thus, it’s developed a feature where you simply need to click on one of the pre-typed messages like “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations on your new job!”. Use this feature as frequently as possible as this is one of the best ways to get noticed by your connections and THEIR network. While the whole “endorsements” and “special wishes” gig may sound corny, it works.

 Write, write, write.

The creme-de-la-creme of all the ways to get noticed – write. Start by finding your niche in an industry of your choice. Start researching, and regularly write posts, blogs, articles, host audience polls, etc. Your blogs hold the possibility of being noticed not just by people you are connected with, but with those you haven’t! What’s more, once you start writing and posting industry-specific topics, recruiters and hiring professionals from said industries are the first to notice your profile. This step is closely intertwined with the 2nd one. Commenting and answering questions on your blogs and posts is the path to success on Linkedin.

While one should work as much as they can towards building a strong and visible Linkedin profile, they shouldn’t be discouraged if the results do not pop up immediately. Remember, this is an organic process and a little effort on a regular basis goes a long way in your journey to gain more visibility on Linkedin.

Now, as a treat for all your hard work on Linkedin, here a few bonus hacks to make sure it’s YOUR profile on the top of the list!

1. Never forget to add a decent (I repeat, decent) profile picture on your Linkedin profile. Studies show that Linkedin profiles with professional headshots receive roughly 14x more profile views and are 36x (!) more likely to receive a message on Linkedin.

2. Make at least 500 relevant connections. Once you pass the 500 milestones, you are subconsciously viewed as an impactful professional identity on Linky

3. Keep our activity strictly professional. While you might want to stalk your ex on Linkedin, don’t. This will only end up in a catastrophe for you as well as your career-oriented purpose of joining Linkedin.



Now that you’re armed with these tips, what’s stopping you! Shine bright on Linkedin!

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Dtroffle focuses on helping companies and products establish a brand. We ensure a personalized experience and use new age tools, for your new age customers. We assist association with dealing with this staggering extent of data and change into compelling advanced business.

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Dtroffle focuses on helping companies and products establish a brand. We ensure a personalized experience and use new age tools, for your new age customers. We assist you by dealing with the staggering extent of data and change into compelling advanced business.


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