Corporate and Sales Social Pressure

Healthy Pressure is necessary to turn coal into a diamond. Healthy criticism helps in rectifying the ugly parts mirrored at you. Social Pressure in Corporate and Sales business plays the same role. It helps in taking tough decisions and instilling valuable attributes to deal with uncomfortable situations. To be thoroughly successful, one not only needs to be financially but also socially aware. The demands of current times are at times reverse engineered to the conditions under which the product was manufactured – working conditions, raw materials used, health policies, etc.
Under such social pressure, it becomes urgent to conform to the corporate and sales strategies to best suit the social environment. The more dynamic and agile the strategies, the better they are for current and future prospects. If the demands are not met, the firms experience a strong social backlash, especially from NGOs and Social activists. It all can act as fuel for better social performance if handled tactically.
Constructive Social Performance under Social Pressure
The socially effective and enchanting taglines that reflect the healthy working environment and efforts of the firm weigh significantly in creating a good social image. The pseudo-activist nature of the companies in favor of its workers helps people put more trust in them. For instance, TATA has a very strong affinity towards its employees. They promote the essence of a family-like working environment.
But the catch is, the higher the standards a company sets, the more are the expectations of the people. It reverses the whole mechanism – better social performance implies higher social pressure. Even small mistakes can make it a soft target for NGOs and activists. So, the social balance should be skillfully maintained.
Social Performance and Financial Performance could be Anti-parallel.
Better social performance can boost the social reputation of the firms but low financial performance can disrepute it in the eyes of the investors. Investors happen to be the source of stability to a firm – a completely different pillar of a firm having an opposite build. To keep the investors interested the job of Sales Representative becomes very essential. This job is believed to be one of the very stressful jobs and is also result-driven. The production of the result needs to be very statistical to get some leverage for attracting bigger investments and collecting more revenues.
Structural Functioning of Corporate and Sales Department
The communication between the various sectors needs to be thoroughly lucid under Social Pressure. The Manager and the head of each department should have a clear and stress-free window for mutual and collective queries. The working environment should be constructively encouraging. Some of the healthy ways to boost productivity are –
  • To promote healthy competition among the employees, the conversions should be incentivized. It brings the best out of them and helps them in assessing themselves.
  • The employees should be bestowed with a modular approach. It breaks down the mammoth task and helps them to mitigate the stress. This approach is a targeted approach that yields positive results.
  • The resources should be made available to leverage their skills and overwhelm them with their constructive demands to ultimately achieve the results that are best for business.
  • The expectations of the employer should be practically feasible and the constraints of the business should be kept in mind while encouraging the employees to push their limits.
  • The employees should be very clear with decision making and should know what to avoid and what to entertain. A flowchart of work should be operating in their subconscious.
  • The conversions, nature, and influence of the services among the consumers should be documented in the analytical form to better foresee the changes and strategies that need to be adopted in the future.
  • The overall stress management should be efficient to keep the morale of the team-up.

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Dtroffle focuses on helping companies and products establish a brand. We ensure a personalized experience and use new age tools, for your new age customers. We assist you by dealing with the staggering extent of data and change into compelling advanced business.


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