Oops! You’ve fallen to be yet another victim of our prank! How’d you like it, though?

Unfortunately, it was just a prank, and we are not offering Rs.20,000 ad credits,
But to compensate for your time and efforts,

we’re offering 20% off on all of our services for the entire month of April

That’s right! You can take 2 days to cool off and still claim the offer! xD

Chilla-Chilla ke sabko scheme bata de

Abbey Saale

Don’t worry, and we won’t judge you too harshly. After all, we’re in the marketing business and know a thing or two about how to get people’s attention. But alas, we got a little carried away with this one.

And we get it. You might need some time to recover from the shock of our prank. That’s why we’re giving you two days to cool off before taking advantage of this offer. So go ahead, take some deep breaths, maybe even have a good cry (we won’t judge), and come back to us when you’re ready to level up your digital marketing game.

Abbe jaldi bol


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